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Published August 22, 2015 by lesiripp

We’ve all done it!!…Stop staring at the closed door, waiting for it to open!… Instead – Open your mind… Pay attention to you’re intuition… Follow your emotions… Feel your inner being… And search for one that’s already open, waiting for you to enter!..Only then will you start moving forward towards that happy, positive, content life you dream of. 

We are all vastly unique people in this world, each being entitled to our individuality, different interpretations and values, allowing us all to own complete control over our lives we choose to live, free from all others opinions and beliefs. 

We owe it to ourselves to take this gift and truly be who we are inside. You must never pass your life to the hands of others. Your life is a special gift and only you can be the master of it. No one else knows you, like you know yourself. You have the power to create and mould your existence however you please! You’re life can be exactly what you want it to be…! 

Stand up for what you believe, listen to your thoughts, even if you stand alone!..If not, you’re not living YOUR life but someone else’s! Don’t allow others to dictate to you, take what is yours- ownership of your destiny. Paving you’re own path can bring you nothing but harmonious satisfaction within, Therefore, you being the one in control of your happiness and success.

You don’t owe anyone happiness, at the expense of your own.

You don’t owe anyone a debate about your personal views and understandings.

You don’t owe anyone an apology when you have nothing to be sorry for.

You don’t owe anyone a rationalization on why investing in yourself is important to you.

You don’t owe anyone the meaning of what you believe in.

You don’t owe anyone a change in your appearance just to please them.

You don’t owe anyone your friendship, especially when they do not share your values.

You don’t owe anyone access to information about your life that makes you uncomfortable.

You don’t owe anyone an answer other than the truth to prevent them from being uncomfortable.

You don’t owe anyone false compliments just to make them feel better.

You don’t owe anyone anything that doesn’t make you feel good and goes against your instinct.


Always be True to yourself and who you are!!!!!!


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