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Overcoming Addiction 

Published April 30, 2017 by lesiripp

The pain of watching a loved one in such an unforgiving, uncontrollable dark place of ADDICTION, but feeling completely powerless in getting them to understand and see what a destructive severe situation they are in, is heartbreakingly devastating, to say the least.
Attempt after attempt seems to go nowhere, due to that powerful feeling they possess called Denial, but NEVER, should you give up on them.

When, no matter what angle you try, it seems to fail, only turning them against you more every time. Still persevere.

It may destroy your heart to see them this way, however, you must always have faith that soon success will come, breaking them out of this crippling disease.

The most important thing you can do is show them enormous amounts of LOVE and SUPPORT.

They will experience a number of highs and lows along the way,  so constantly reassure them they are never alone, you will always be by their side, getting through this together one day at a time.

If addicts are made to feel isolated, pressured or threatened in any way, they will almost always slip backwards, once again feeling that need to escape into their “safe emotionless stage”.

Keeping positive and busy are some of the big keys, eliminating boredom and prolonged thoughts, which could turn sour quickly.

Our loved ones need our patience and strength during these hard times, as their own abilities have been weakened by this terrible disease.
Helping our loved ones to regain belief in themselves and restore their desire to live that life they deserve.
There is no greater gift to give.

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