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Unconditional Love ❤️

Published February 7, 2016 by lesiripp

The pain of watching a loved one in such an unforgiving, uncontrollable dark place of ADDICTION, but feeling completely powerless in getting them to understand and see what a destructive severe situation they are in, is heartbreakingly devastating, to say the least.

Attempt after attempt seems to go nowhere, due to that powerful feeling they possess called Denial, but NEVER, can you give up on them. 

When, no matter what angle you try, it seems to fail, only turning them against you more and more every time. …..Still persevere.

It will pain your heart to see them this way, however, always keep the faith that very soon success will come, breaking them out of this crippling disease.

The most important thing you can do is show them enormous amounts of LOVE and SUPPORT. 

You will experience a number of highs and lows along the way, let them know they will never be alone, you will always be by their side, getting through this together one day at a time.

If addicts are made to feel pressured or threatened in any way, they will almost always slip backwards, once again, feeling the need to revisit their “safe emotionless stage”. 

Keeping positive and busy are some of the big keys, eliminating boredom and prolonged thoughts that could turn sour.

Our loved ones need our patience and strength during these hard times, as their ability has been weakened by this terrible disease.


Lost my focus!!

Published February 7, 2016 by lesiripp

Never allow hate in…!!!
Be careful not to confuse your feelings of Anger & Disappointment with Hatred. It easily happens without even realizing it, it happened to me….
When the repetitive feelings of Disappointment and Anger exist in your heart, it won’t be long before the Sadness turning to Hate will eventually creep in too. These are very powerful, dangerous emotions that with time will deepen it’s claws starting to take control and manipulate your thoughts and beliefs. I’m expressing this to you due to my own personal experience. 
Everything I once thought was solid and would survive all, started to crumble down around me and whatever I did to mend it the more I seemed to lose and the further my husband and I became. I was determined, and not wanting to accept this. This was never supposed to happen to us…! This meant too much to me, that I was willing to do everything…anything within my power to regain & rebuild Our Family, Our Life, Our Empire. 
Sadly, I was fighting a losing battle and it was slowly destroying me. I was changing, becoming someone else. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. My, once bubbly nature, happiness, ambition & strong will was fading😢, 
I kept my opinions and emotions inside to keep peace in our home – As I’m a Gemini, this was very difficult at first. My love, who I used to open my heart to, was now a stranger to me. Before long it became natural, I stopped expressing all thoughts, fears, confusion. I bottled everything up inside as if it didn’t exist.
I was working 11hrs a day/ 5 days a week as my husband lost his job. I was never home, hardly seeing the kids. It was hard and heartbreaking, but necessary. Money we needed to keep things afloat. 
“Working to Provide for my kids” became my main priority. I was exhausted, burning out, dying inside, heartbroken, sad, lonely and so so angry!(all while holding the best poker face in history) 
My marriage was hanging on by a thread, me sleeping in the spare room every night(after the kids went to bed) I felt I was losing my identity, my personality, I keep tricking myself into believing I could handle this…!! and more if need be, whatever it takes to maintain security and stability (hiding the pain of our separation) for the sake of my children. 
Our marriage, had lost all trust, all communication. My faith and passion had disappeared. But I still couldn’t shake that love I felt in my heart. I struggled to accept that this was us now.
I can’t explain why I was enabling and allowing this to happen to me. I hated myself….My life….My husbands actions….and more importantly…My actions….!!!
I was purely existing, for the kids!! I had given up on myself. 
I hit rock bottom when my 16 year old son sat me down one day and asked me if I was ok? (not buying my bullshit answer one bit) he reassured me that I was still in there somewhere and he would always be by my side, getting through this together. Telling me that everything was going to be ok…I was going to be alright.😭
My son saved me!!! ❤️❤️❤️because of his love, strength and support I started to become myself again.
As more time passes, the more I heal and now always try to see things from all points of view not just my own.
In No way is this the path I chose, But unknowingly it sparked self healing and my new found awareness of life “as it is”, & not what “society says it should be” I am finally able to start moving forward. 
 Learning the art of tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance, knowing that we are all different inside and out and the this is completely OK!!!

Now I now live by the 3 A’s: (Awareness/Acceptance/Away)
– Become AWARE of the situations in life that bother you
*then you can make the choice:
-ACCEPT the little things that really don’t Matter and can live with without it damaging me or my existence 
-OR AWAY with it- out of your life, for your better good!!🤔
Remember, We all make mistakes, It’s part of being human.
PLEASE DON’T LET THE HATE IN…. If you can, allow forgiveness and compassion into your life, It makes you’re story more beautiful, peaceful and humbling.💝
Cherish all special friendships!!
This is truly invaluable. Make and keep good friends and always be honest with them. They will be your moral compass during stormy times, as well as being that fun, unique, beautiful connection we Need, Treasure & Hold close to our hearts. The ones to share all the joys of life with. 
Let’s face it, what’s Life without the special people to share it with🌷💋

Hello world!

Published June 23, 2015 by lesiripp

Each and EVERY one of us has the POWER inside……necessary in creating our OWN unique existence in this life…whatever the case may be!! 

You are the only one who has total control to navigate your journey, defined and moulded by your personality. It all comes down to individual interpretation and desires. 

We will all experience some challenge/s and in many different ways, (that’s life) But remember, It’s what we learn, the knowledge we have gained and take from it, that truly defines our future paths and who we become.

Together, let’s enhance and flourish what is rightfully yours to own!! 

This is YOUR Life…..YOUR Journey…..YOUR Story…. make it something YOU WOULD WANT to read..!!!

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